Disaster Relief Operations

Disaster Relief Operations

Hurricane Harvey was a devastating disaster for the people of Texas. Organizations from all over the country responded to provide assistance to thousands of Texans in need. Texas Rescue Patrol a division of Texas Recreational Safety & Land Management was one of those organizations.

Our organization had boots on the ground in Beaumont, Port Arthur, Rose City, Vidor and Orange, Texas. We used our specialized off-road emergency vehicles to reach victims of Hurricane Harvey, who were left without electricity and clean water. We focused our efforts on smaller communities, assisting the elderly and families who could not be reached by standard vehicles, due to flooded roadways.

Our volunteers and staff delivered food, clean water, toiletries, baby products and many other needed supplies to over 173 families, who were victims of Hurricane Harvey. In addition, our staff provided assessments and basic medical care to the injured.

Our mission was a success, because of the outpouring of love and support that we received from our local community here in El Paso, TX. Local businesses set up collection points and helped us collect donated items. Other businesses held fundraising events to offer monetary support. Volunteers helped us organize our response and provided important logistical support. Private individuals donated bottled water, canned food items and many other needed supplies.

Once on scene, we worked closely with local authorities and private organizations, such as the “Cajun Navy” to insure that we reached as many people as possible. Our response during Hurricane Harvey was a success due to the instrumental support that we received from our community.

You can help Texas Recreational Safety & Land Management in providing disaster relief services by donating right now. Texas Recreational Safety and Land Management is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization that relies on your charitable contributions to support our efforts. The recipients of our services never receive a bill from us.

However, our operational costs, equipment and supplies, can be challenging for us to maintain. Please consider making a generous donation today and support our efforts in helping others in need.

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