Our Partners

The following organizations have partnered with Texas Recreational Safety & Land Management. Our strategic partnerships with these organizations have enabled us to effectively deliver the important services we provide to our community. We encourage you to visit the websites listed below and support these organizations.

Kerkton Security Technologies LLC

KST provides an easy to use, reliable and powerful cloud-based application. The holistic design allows dispatchers, patrol officers, and administrators to optimally perform and communicate with each other in real-time.

  1. To view more information about KST go to
  2. Provides dedicated support for the TRP CAD System
  3. Provides dedicated support for the TRP Incident Reporting System
  4. Provides dedicated support for the TRP Mobile Response System
  5. Provides dedicated support for the TRP RMS System

Sun City Emergency Room

At Sun City Emergency Room, we offer a superior ER experience. You will be seen and treated by board certified emergency physicians and nurses, who are friendly and experienced so you can trust that we will provide you with the best care available. We combine our priority of patient care with the efficiency of a traditional ER to bring you the best in concierge emergency services.

  1. To view more information about the Sun City Emergency Room go to
  2. No Wait Emergency Rooms
  3. Open 24 hours 7 Days A Week
  4. Experienced Friendly Nurses
  5. Onsite Emergency Radiology/Laboratory

Revive Medical

At RevIVe Medical, PLLC, We pride ourselves with the diversity of services we our able to provide our clients.  Its a simple one call solution. Wether you are in the United States or anywhere around the world we are there to provide you with any of your needs.

  1. To view more information about Revive Medical go to
  2. Hangover IV Treatment/ Vitamin Shots
  3. Standby First Aid
  4. Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  5. A mobile service that comes to you!

Start Helping Your Community! Become A Partner!

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