Desert Pirates

Desert Pirates

Desert pirates target unattended vehicles in Red Sands

EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14) — A relatively new problem has hit the Red Sands area in east El Paso County.

Authorities in that area want you to be aware of it.

Texas Rescue Patrol said there are people stealing items from vehicles left unattended in the area.

They told us, recently, it’s becoming a problem.

One theft victim, Fort Bliss soldier, Matthew Lindsey, said he left his Jeep for a few hours, only to come back and find his vehicle had been tampered with.

“This morning, we started to head home, I ended up getting a flat tire, right over there,” he said. “And so, we had to go back, went to go grab a jack, real quick.”

Lindsey said he and his friends went out to Red Sands to have some fun, off-roading in his Jeep.

But, a good time quickly took a turn.

“About two hours, two hours and this all happened,” Lindsey said. “My radio was stolen, battery was gone, all four tires were gone, it looks like they drug it up in the position that it’s in now..”

He said his heart sank, when he first laid eyes on his Jeep, because it’s been passed down through his family.

“You know, kind of upset, kind of angry, at the same time, because I mean we’re all out here we try to help everybody out and try to respect everybody’s stuff, and this happens, it’s upsetting, is what it boils down to,” he said.

Jamil Moutran, chief of the Texas Rescue Patrol said the group monitors the Red Sands area.

He said these so-called desert pirates are becoming a big problem for the area.

“They’re basically, pirating personal belongings off of vehicles,” he said.

Moutran said there are some things you can do to avoid becoming a victim.

“If you do come out here, please don’t leave your vehicles unattended,” he said. “If you absolutely have to leave the vehicle, call our dispatch number and we patrol this area.”

He said you can reach Texas Rescue Patrol dispatch at (915) 302-5300.

He said they will not be liable for your vehicle, but they can at least put an extra set of eyes on it, until you return.

By Gloria DeLeon KFOX14



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